Monday, August 17, 2009

Funny Hidding Places

Dusty: I wonder where Lighting is? Hey Bear, have you seen Lighting?

Bear: She probly went out in the front yard getting a drink in the weird thing where birds bath them selfs. Its so weird if you ask me. Oh, don't tell her I said that or she will get mad.

Dusty: What about Smokey, I can't find him anywhere.

Bear: You can't find anybody can you? He's in the laundry basket by the back door.
Dusty: Hey. That's not true. I know where Anna is, she is in her room getting ready to go to school next week.
Bear: Oh my gosh, never mind.


  1. Cute post! You are doing a great job. Lighting, does the water taste like bird?

  2. lighting: well it kinda does once you acidentaly lick a feather but the water is extremely delisious.