Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crazy Summer Days

Dusty: WOW!!!! These summer days are perfect. Anna is always home anh loves to play with us, right Bear?

Bear: You got that right.

Dusty: But I have noticed that Anna has gotten more and more stressed out.

Lighting: I heard the bigger humans startind to talk about the start of school agin.

Bear: What does that mean? You all know that I just became a part of this family on New Years Day when Anna and the onshe calls mom came and picked me up and took me home.

Smokey: Well since I am 45 years old {cat years}, I learned that when the parents start talking about them going back to school that means that Anna wont be home all day like during the summer. And she has to get ready and buy lots of things.

Bear: ...... OOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!! That's what they mean. That makes more since now.


  1. It looks like Lightening is enjoying lunch!

  2. Lighing:Yep, i like my new cat food that Anna bought for me and Smokey

  3. I have to agree... you seem to be enjoying the meal!