Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Home For the Holidays

Smokey: Do you know what i love the most about Thanksgiving?

Lighting: People coming to visit?

Smokey: Nope.

Lighting: The food?

Smokey: Nope.

Lighting: I give up. What is it?

Smokey: Anna being home for the whole week, and getting to be with the whole family and get along for one day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anna's Party

Dusty: Who were all those people in the house last night?

Gracie: Well they were Anna's grandparents, her friends, and her friends parents

Dusty: Why were they here?

Gracie: Because it was her party?!? Are you really that slow?

Dusty: .... OH! Was that's why there was a cake?

Gracie: Yes Dusty that's why there was cake.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

Anna: Hello. My name is Anna. I am one of the owners of the gang. I am writting to tell you what has been going on around here. First things first, Gracie has been getting along great with the other dogs. Recently, however, my dog Bear had to find a new home. My parents were very mad and were tried of him chewing up everything in his path. So he was given to one of my mothers friends. Oh, and i am going to start new sections to the blog, one for the cats and one for the dogs. This time its the cats turn. Hey Smokey and Lighting.

Smokey: Hey Anna. I am still mad that you made me stay inside on Saturday.

Lighting: You know she always makes me and you stay inside on Halloween. She is only protecting us because we both have black fur. She doesn't want us to get hurt.

Smokey: I know, but I wanted to meet new people and sit outside in my new hidding spot.

Anna: You mean the tree in the front yard.

Smokey: HEY! Don't tell everyone!

Anna: Sorry. But its not a very good hidding spot.

Smokey: But its my favorite and I dont care if everyone can see me.

Anna: Ok. Time to go everyone. Bye! Oh, and Dusty and Gracie say Hi and Bye as well.

Lighting and Smokey: Bye!!!