Thursday, August 20, 2009

We Are Missing A Human?

Lighting: Hey, has anyone relised that the older female is missing and hasn't come home lately?

Smokey: Lighting, Lighting, Lighting. Are you the only one who doesn't know where she is?

Dusty & Bear: No!

Lighting: See I am not the only one who doesn't know things around here.

Smokey: I guess you all expect me to know everything around here.

Lighting:Duh, your the smart one.

Smokey: Just to let all of you know, the one Anna calls "mom" went away on a trip with her work and will be back later today. So for now you all can wait until later tonight to see her. Oh, and why do I have to be the "smart one"?


Monday, August 17, 2009

Funny Hidding Places

Dusty: I wonder where Lighting is? Hey Bear, have you seen Lighting?

Bear: She probly went out in the front yard getting a drink in the weird thing where birds bath them selfs. Its so weird if you ask me. Oh, don't tell her I said that or she will get mad.

Dusty: What about Smokey, I can't find him anywhere.

Bear: You can't find anybody can you? He's in the laundry basket by the back door.
Dusty: Hey. That's not true. I know where Anna is, she is in her room getting ready to go to school next week.
Bear: Oh my gosh, never mind.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crazy Summer Days

Dusty: WOW!!!! These summer days are perfect. Anna is always home anh loves to play with us, right Bear?

Bear: You got that right.

Dusty: But I have noticed that Anna has gotten more and more stressed out.

Lighting: I heard the bigger humans startind to talk about the start of school agin.

Bear: What does that mean? You all know that I just became a part of this family on New Years Day when Anna and the onshe calls mom came and picked me up and took me home.

Smokey: Well since I am 45 years old {cat years}, I learned that when the parents start talking about them going back to school that means that Anna wont be home all day like during the summer. And she has to get ready and buy lots of things.

Bear: ...... OOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!! That's what they mean. That makes more since now.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Our First Blog

Smokey: Hey, my name is Smokey. I am black outdoor/indoor cat. I live with tons of other male and female pets.

Lighting: I'm Smokey's sister Lighting. I am a black and white tuxsido cat. I am also an outdoor/indoor cat like my brother.

Dusty: I am Dusty. I am a yellow labrador retriver. I live with the cats and my good friend Bear.

Bear: Hey, my name is Bear. I am a black labradoor and I am the youngest out of all the animals at my owners house.

Smokey: We have 4 owners but our favorite would have to be the one called Anna. She is the one who takes the best care of us. The oldest too, a male and a female, also take care of us but not all the time. Mainly Anna does.

Lighting: But don't forget about the little one. The one they all call "the toddler". Sometimes he forgets how to be soft with us animals.

Bear: Well we better get going. I can hear Anna calling us for feeding time.

Dusty: Maybe she will go out and play outside agin!!!!!

Bear: Maybe she will. See yall later.

Everyone: BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!