Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Changes= New Friends

Anna: Hello fellow readers! Today im going to be giving an update on all thats been going on lately. Momma had decided to move in with a room mate and they had a few pets of there own. first theres Baby.

Baby:HEY! Im Baby, but you can call me princesses too. I am a mini pincher thats super nice and loves attention.

Anna: Then there is Rockey. He's a little crazy, but he was hit by a car so he has some nuerological damage.

Rockey: HI! Im Rockey. I am a mini pin like Baby. I love people and super hipper.

Smokey: And anoying.

Anna: Smokey! Be nice! Next is Lila. Shes a taby cat and has a love/hate relationship with Lighting and Smokey.

Lila: Hi. I am the only new cat to the group and I am kind of shy.

Anna: Its ok Lila. We all are a little shy. Then there are two birds and two snakes. Salty and Presious, the birds, dont talk alot or do anything. And the snakes just sit around all day because the female is pregnant. So thats all the new members. I hope that you all will learn to love them like I do.